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“Do we only consider the career? Indeed, the career of our models”.

Our job as scouts is to work for prestigious, national and international model agencies. The task is to find suitable models for upcoming castings and productions and also to discover “New Faces” who will then be groomed by the agency. Regardless of whether we scout at rock concerts, in the subway, in cafes or in the street, the important thing is a friendly and pleasant appearance and the eye for rough diamonds.

Traveling is essential for models; therefore we are looking for young and committed people.

One of the reasons why this job is especially attractive for young people is that ideally, models are always on the move and experience the world.

The dream of every prospective model is of course to see all the fashion capitals in the world at first hand. A visit to all these fashion metropolises is also advisable to beginners.

- Females from 13 to 21 years – height: 174cm to 182cm
- Males from 14 to 21 years – height: 183cm to 190cm

A natural look and a clear and fresh complexion are necessary – the hair should be healthy and shiny – the body slim and well proportioned. Defining is your charisma and your will to become a model at all costs. Reliability, punctuality and patience will help you build a successful career in the fashion industry.

A minimum height as well as the age and measurements are not required for photo models. The focus with underwear or beachwear models is less on the facial structure but more on a trained and expressive body.

The application should include meaningful photos of high quality, in fact polaroid’s and full body photos (Pants - Tank top). The photos do not have to be taken at a professional photo shooting. The polaroid’s should be taken in front of a white wall.

The term polaroid’s refers to photos in which the models are without make-up and not styled, thus customers can evaluate them in their naturalness. Every model should have a set of her or his latest polaroid’s ready.

Videos and polaroid’s:
Polaroid photos have always been important for model agencies and customers (designers, photographers etc.) because of the depicted naturalness in the photos. Additionally, model videos have established themselves. In this case customers or agencies can get a live impression of the model.

- Sideway portrait with withdrawn hair
- Frontal full body shot
- Sideway full body shot
- Full body shot in underwear
- Polaroid’s - Pants - Tank top
- Polaroid’s should be taken in front of a white wall

Professional models update their polaroid’s regularly every 2 to 3 months as well as after any type change.

The focus with underwear or beachwear models is less on the facial structure but more on a trained and expressive body.

If you think that you satisfy the criteria you can apply without any engagement. The market is large and new faces are always wanted. You can find everything we need in the application section.

Did we arouse your interest?

Send us your exact information & polaroid’s (Pants - Tank top).
Maximum size of the data: 2MB
Please consider these the rules, otherwise we will not be able to process your application.

Admission points:
The decision of accepting or rejecting a model is solely the decision of Scoutmodelbook. Scoutmodelbook does not have to give any justification for rejecting a model. The rejection of a model is left to our scouts who do not have to give any further explanation. However, the explanation can be given upon request. Minors are required to have the compliance of their legal guardian before applying.

Please note: Not all of our models will be presented on the website.